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Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01

Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01 is one of my idea in a non-veg recipe menu platter for Non-veg lovers! I make this lunch menu for my husband’s birthday. My husband is a pure Non-vegetarian. if the lunch platter is with Non-veg recipes, he added more spoons to fill his tummy. so I used to try more different non-veg recipes on weekends. Soon, I will post all the recipes one by one. we can’t satisfy everyone with one recipe. so, making a variety of recipes with one ingredient and plating them with dessert is a complete Meal.

This is my idea of a Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01 platter, you can also make changes to the menu list. Instead of dry chicken 65 fry! You can replace it with CHICKEN LOLLIPOP RECIPE or MUTTON KOLA URUNDAI / MUTTON KEEMA BALLS!

More non-veg recipes are there on the website, please do check the non-veg recipe link . => Non-Veg Recipes

Recipes for Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01 :

This is my first post on the lunch menu chain, I like to share my ideas of the lunch menu in the future with you all. Check the recipe links for detailed recipes.


Mutton Soup is one of my favorite recipes. It’s so spicy, tasty. My husband loves this a lot and used to have it twice every time I make it.


Mutton semi gravy is the mouthwatering recipe for all mutton lovers. it’s a simple bachelor recipe. It won’t go wrong. I used to make it in extra quantity to add it for dinner with idly or dosa. it’s an amazing combo. try it !! and Skip Dinner Preparation 😜.


Spicy lovers it’s for you all!! Adding the freshly grounded masala is more important and gives you a flawless aroma & delicious too. Once you tried this recipe in your kitchen, I am sure, you will make it again and again.


Chicken 65 recipe is a popular South Indian chicken fry with flavourful masala taste, outer crispy, inner soft chicken.

Plain White Rice: Rinse the 1 cup of rice with water, add it in the pressure cooker with water of 3 cups ie; 1: 3 rice -water ratio, add salt and cook for 5 whistles. ( water and the whistle count depend on your rice variety)

Onion Raitha: It is the best combo for all varieties of rice and for all non-veg menus. whenever we cook non-veg recipes. onion raita is the mandatory recipe in my kitchen. It is an easy peasy recipe. chop the big onions add them in the curd mix well. Onion raita ready!!!!


Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
marinating time 1 hour
Total Time 3 hours
Course Lunch Menu, Non Veg
Cuisine South Indian


Pre preparation for Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01 :

  • Clean and Cut the mutton pieces. separate the rack and bone pieces for making Mutton soups.and the bone less and bones can be used for making mutton semi gravy .
  • clean the chicken pieces with turmeric powder . Cut and separate the bone for making Chettinad chicken curry and boneless pieces for chicken 65 fry recipe.
  • Rinse the white rice twice with water and cook it in the pressure cooker for 5 whistles ( whistle count and water level varies and it depend on your rice variety ) .
  • Mix all the ingredients and marinate the chicken for chicken 65 fry recipe for attest 1 hour before fry.
  • For making mutton soup is simple and its a one pot recipe . so , a pressure cooker is enough to make it .
  • Mean while chop the onions, tomatoes first for mutton and chicken gravy.
  • Make the shallot -coconutmilk paste for both mutton semi gravy and coconut milk for chicken gravy
  • Before start to make chicken curry recipe prepare the freshly grounded Chettinad masala paste as I have mentioned in detail in the individual recipe post .
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If you try this Non-Veg Recipe Lunch Menu – 01, leave a comment below, let me know how it turns out for you.

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